Glen Forest

A well-loved but poorly built 1970 family home needed to adapt to its teenagers. The addition of a master suite for the parents and the reconfiguring of the home have found the diamond in the rough. The unused garage has become a home office and games room for the boys, the roof was removed and made “true”, the floors and walls were leveled, windows were replaced with thermopane wood windows, flooring was replaced with recycled oak, and old insulation was replaced and upgraded. The rafter tails are 3 x 8’, the gutters are custom, and all of the doors, cabinets, built-ins and millwork were done in the contractor’s workshop. The design of the home was altered to save existing mature fir trees and blasting was kept to a minimum to preserve native plants in the rocky outcroppings. There was extensive use of natural materials inside and out, and now the house fits into its surroundings like a glove.