Road’s End Contracting. A full-spectrum construction company.

Our company is much more than a custom home building company. We are a renovation company, a home design company, a house lifting company, and a general contractor with decades of experience and wisdom.

Custom Home Building

Building custom homes is our passion. You can see it all through our custom home building projects where quality and detail are at the top of our list. From the first concert form to the last door handle or finishing trim, everything is held to our extremely high standards.

A custom home is your dream. We are simply making it appear before your eyes. We understand the importance of each little item that appears in our design. We take that to heart as if it was our own home. Read through our testimonials to hear what some of our wonderful clients had to say about their experiences building a home with Road’s End.

Additions & Renovations

We take the same vigorous attention to quality from our ground-up custom homes into all of our projects. From your exquisite master bathroom renovation to your new suite addition or kitchen renovation, we hold ourselves to an extremely high standard.

Reach out to our team to discuss your renovation plans and we’ll deliver a Road’s End estimate that you know will be on time and on budget.

House Lifting

Lifting a house can be a gratifying experience. You don’t lose any of the charm of your current floors and gain an entirely new ground floor or basement area. From here the options are entirely up to you. Are you making room for a tenant or a rental suite? Or, do you just need more room to build a space for the kids or a media room for a luxurious sports and movie viewing area?

A house raising can also provide the opportunity for foundation repair or renovations which can be extremely timely on some older homes. Reach out to us today for a consultation so we can help you make the right choice.

When Bob and I decided to purchase an old house and renovate, David Dare and Road’s End was the first company we thought of.

David’s team had previously built a home for me in the past: a townhouse unit in a heritage restoration project in Dragon Alley in Chinatown. Each of us purchasers in this project made changes to the plan at the blue print stage so that no two units were alike, which meant many details and alterations that needed to be kept straight and they were!

Road’s End’s crew handled our many demands professionally and efficiently, while working amid the challenges of downtown heritage construction. It was exciting and a joy to watch his team create quality homes in such difficult conditions. And so, I looked forward to working with David and his crew on our new dream project.

—bonnie light & bob richards

I am writing this short note to express my gratitude to you and your team at Road’s End Contracting Ltd. When I requested that you take over the construction of our new home from another contractor, you were placed in a challenging situation. You had no difficulty with the various authorities as well as the sub-trades.

It was such a joy to have a very qualified foreman on site at all times that saw to it that not only your team was working in harmony, but also the sub-trades were being followed up on and there was co-operation to ensure that the trades could get their work done in a timely fashion. It was evident that all of your employees had respect for David.

The quality of work done by Road’s End was very good. From the site foreman to the person doing the floor and window protection and cleanup was excellent.

—Brian & Judy

When we first met David Dare a little over a year ago to learn more about Road’s End Contract Ltd and to help us determine if Road’s End was the builder for us, David commented to us that he viewed the contract between builder and client as more of a long-term relationship, like a collaborative partnership, with other specialists contributing to the relationship when and as required. He was right.

When people ask us about our experience building a new home from scratch, the first thing we say to them is the relationship you have with your builder is the most critical factor. When they ask us about our client/builder relationship with Road’s End, the top 3 things we name are:

Responsiveness – We always felt looped in, consulted, educated and secure. We knew that Road’s End would let us know what we needed to know, when we needed to know it. When we needed their advice or consult, they were there with ideas and thoughts that made sense and were practical to implement. They gave us options and worked through them with us. And above all, they didn’t keep us wondering or waiting for a response. Road’s End got back to us promptly, with all of the info we needed to know.

Ethics and Integrity – People judge a team by the character of their leader. David Dare’s honesty and openness gave us confidence in the process as we moved along. We trusted him and his team completely. We came to respect his crew for their knowledge, expertise, diligence and candor. We knew that all elements of the build would be completed to the highest standards.

Consistency – David told us that he likes to keep the same foreman on the job from start to finish. This was a critical element in the building of that aforementioned collaborative relationship. It was so reassuring to know that “Peter and the boys” would be there whenever we arrived, always ready to talk with us about what they were doing. We also appreciated that the sub trades they engaged were well known to them (and when they were not we were told, See, “Ethics and Integrity” above) and were used to working with your team. This gave us even more confidence that the build would be done right.

I am a Human Resources professional and one thing I remember from our first meeting with David Dare was that his crew seemed genuinely happy to see him when we arrived at one of their work sites. This said volumes to me, and was a major factor in our decision to contract with Road’s End to build our home.

I can now add that even our neighbours were happy to see David and his team. Since we have moved in, I’ve heard their stories about less than careful builders who incurred their anger. Not so with Road’s End. In fact, they are recommending Road’s End to prospective purchasers/buyers at every opportunity. And we are doing the same. It would be our sincere pleasure to see Road’s End building a new home in our neighbourhood.

—fred & mel herman

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